The Space Between

Down the Rabbit Hole



No Place Like Home



Reclining Chloe

Mother's Little Helper

Rescue, Delayed





My work addresses the always on-going production of female agency. How ironically might the production of a self that is a first class not a second class citizen be found in moments that appear passive, inactive, alone or in objects that are soft, messy and pliable?

“The Space Between," is a series of large photographs of my daughter that appear at first glance, to be mundane, ordinary, even banal. I use the subtle seductions of repeating forms, color and the play between stable and unstable lines to slow down the viewer and invite a longer look. My goal is to portray the psychic and productive space that she creates for herself – what I call a space "between”. This space between is multifaceted; the shift from being active to inactive, the passage from girlhood to womanhood, and the disparity between societal idealizations of childhood and actual experience. Although my presence as the photographer may be apparent, there is captured, an underlying tension within the imagery that touches on themes of isolation and the loneliness inherent in the passage from child to adult.

My photographs witness my daughter just being in the world. Her trust that my eye will let her be and not ask her to perform is the wellspring for these images. I believe that her moments of solitude in my presence are part of her developing strength for action and presence. My holding her in my camera is ironically also my letting her go.